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What’s up?! Lyndon here! Welcome to my digital space where my goal is to walk you through the corridors of my mind and explore the inner chambers of my heart. Let’s move beyond superficial and surface talk and let’s be real, transparent, and vulnerable. Let’s talk explicitly and look exclusively to Jesus!

About Me


I live in a small town called Houston, TX but originally from the big city, Fort Wayne, IN. My wife Gabrielle and I have been married for 5ish years. I have two seeds: Isabella Noelle (4) and Noah Haddon (2). I’m a born again Christian attending Crossover Bible Fellowship and a frequent contemplator of attending seminary. I have a BA degree from Indiana University in Psychology therefore I psychoanalyze everyone and everything. I double minored in African American Studies & Diaspora and Human Sexuality.


I have a deep affinity for gourmet pizza and vintaged wine. I’m a fan boy of Lebron James and everything NBA. People say that I’m a picky eater but really I’m just allergic to nasty foods. I have been working in real estate for 10+ years and no I don’t want to waste time talking about my work. I’m a social introvert so basically I’m happy to be around a bunch of people sitting in the back corner alone. If you want to know more about who I am, what I’m thinking, how I’m feeling, where I’ve been then check out any/every post.

Feel empowered to leave a comment, drop a message, and/or ask a question. Peace. Love. & Grace.

Mr. Lyndon JHusband, Father, and Follower of Christ

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Now that you’ve had a chance to get to know me little bit better, it’s time to check out my latest post. See you there!


Who Are You?

Truthfully, we will not have a proper understanding of our identity until we have a proper embracing of our adoption in Jesus Christ.
Food for thought

Porn: Looking At or Looking For?

Who can make straight our bent toward sexual immorality?

Prayer of Lament & Justice

..we are never without hope despite our fears.
Food for thought

This Is America

"Soon God will make all things new."