Is it just me or is MLK Jr day an observance in vain? 

We take time off work to reflect on the life mission of a colossal historical figure who carried the burden of racial inequality in American streets but the very next day black and white people in this country will resume the racial tensions with no regard for this day. We will host forums and symposiums on Monday to discuss topics such as “Dismantling Racism: the legacy of MLK Jr.” but come Tuesday we will be silent about injustice and then on Sunday morning we will all go back to our racially segregated churches as if we are living out MLK’s I Have A Dream Speech.

The reason why much of the day’s observance is in vain is that most believe the way to eradicate racism is by legislation and/or morality. Both are erroneous and vanity. The human heart cannot be legislated by human laws and moral reformation is a change of the mind but not the heart. We do not need marches, sit-ins, protests, or tweets to obtain freedom but what we need is to embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is written “who the Son sets free is truly free” [John 8:36].

We ought not to only desire the change that MLK Jr dreamed of but desire that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We as individuals must have a change of heart. And a change of heart does not come from internal will power but the external power of God who Himself does not change. I hope that we will not celebrate Dr. King in vain by uniting today and dividing tomorrow but see the cross of Christ as our only hope for any and every type of change.

The Rev. Martin Luther King, integration leader, addresses a crowd on a street in Lakeview, New York May 12, 1965. The Nobel Prize winner arrived in the day from Atlanta, Ga., for a whirlwind tour of Nassau County to advance the cause of African Americans in that area. (AP Photo)
Society would have you think that the Civil Rights era died when Dr. King was murdered however we are still living in that same Civil Rights era trying to actualize “The Dream”.
Lyndon Jones

Lyndon Jones

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